A Christmas Story Paper props thread


I am resurrecting this one to try to create a nice present in time for Christmas.

Best of Christmas Story - You'll Shoot Your Eye Out.m4v - YouTube

I don't have a PC with a bluray drive, so I can't grab any stills. Has anyone tried to recreate the Red Ryder essay? I am trying to track down a red composition cover/folder and some caps of the essay and folder cover. If anyone has started this project already (Thrillhouse? :p) and wants to share, please let me know. I am not certain the entire paper is visible, but since my cursive writing closely resembles a 4th grader, I think I can nail this prop with some reference images.

If anyone knows of the logo/brand of indian head composition cover they use, let me know, too.

Appreciate the help!


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Thsi may be a little late... BUT I have a copy of the PDF that used to be at the link batfan10 posted. I can't seem to post a PDF here so PM me and I'll send it along.


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OOOOOOOOOOOPs our bad .....image not available here......every link is like this it seems....why do it do this all the time? Ive even tried from different computers and still always get the same message ....so odd ? ? ?
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Thanks on the telgram! I'm slowly working on my Christmas Story display that I bring out each year... including my pride and joy 1937 Zenith Radio

So the next question is - the magazine ad that is in the show - has anyone tried to re-create that or find an original?

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