Want to Buy A Batman Begins suit for a big fella

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First off, I'm a chubby, big guy and I've been intermittently cosplaying as Batman with a crappy Rubies Deluxe during the last year.

Safe to say, I love being a huge and menacing Batman and now I want something that looks like the real deal.

I've already made some mistakes:
- I bought a Dark Knight Heritage from Rubies. I found out it's just a bunch of rubber trash.
- I had a guy in the Netherlands make a custom leather motorcycle suit based on the UD Replicas Begins. He said he was able to replicate it without a problem, but the end result is not suitable for cosplay (first and foremost, they botched the batman logo). I do now, however, have a very cool motorcycle suit that I can wear on my bike and I only paid half since it deviated from my requirements. :)

This is how that looks (also a reference for my build):

Meanwhile, I have already ordered a Begins cowl from coofunkcurly that will hopefully fit my largish head.

Now, for the suit, there are some considerations. Firstly, I'm a tall and chubby guy. I'm 6.23ft and have a chest of 48.8", a belly of 50" and a waist of 48". I also have big thighs. I know, I'm no supermodel. However, I know I can be a very impressive Batman, but I'm afraid my costume will have to be made custom.

Any and all thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey man,
First of all, I'm 6'3" myself but let's say, more on the athletic side .. 190 lbs!

A couple months back, I ordered a coofunkcurly suit, the whole package: cowl, chest, arms, legs, belt and cape .. My biggest fear was that being so tall, the suit would not look good on me .. First I have a very long chest and thee chest, from neck slot to bottom of crotch fitted very tight. Also, another problem is that I have a longer neck too and I felt like the cowl would sit too high thus not touching the traps/shoulders. The rest is basically just patches so it doesn't matter much.

Well, to my great delight, everything fitted really nicely. The chest couldn't have been an inch shorter though .. it's a really tight fit on the height .. they're pretty broad shoulders and again, opened around and under the arms so you can fit everything on you with plenty of adjustment.

Cowl fits too, although I do have a long neck but once my clips will be fitted, it'll help the general look to be better. It still touches my shoulder but I'll experiment with trying to pad my traps to help there too.

I got the Hero cape, so it's really a long cape and no problem there.

Got the XL gloves, they run really small so if I could have gotten XXXL, would probably have been good and still tight, but that stops at XL anyway.

All and all .. superb product from Kev .. I don't regret it at all .. although I'll probably fund myself another undersuit. The kbilian I got ran way too small for me .. too short and too tight .. I have pretty big calves. I'd love to find myself some neoprene roll and build my own undersuit to my shape.

Hope this helps and don't hesitate if you have any questions.


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Thanks a bunch for your reply! Meanwhile, Coofunkcurly said that his armor is the largest one around, so I guess I don't have any other option...

Judging on what you see in the picture I posted, how probable do you think a good fit will be?

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