89 Keaton Batmobile


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To start things off I cut out the machine gun covers.
The shell thickness was very uneven.



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Subscribed , interested , is this a fibreglass model? are you adding moving guns ? Any details of this kit origins , thanks for sharing


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I had to thin out the inside area of the gun covers and make a ledge for the new ones to sit on.



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Next job was to get some new gun covers made.
I opted to go for laser cut ones as some of the corners are pretty tight.
Once they were done I sliced the front in two so I could trap the mesh between the layers.
Gun covers (8).jpg

Gun covers (7).jpg


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Very good work. I am doing something very similar to what you have done in that I am cutting open my gun doors as well to replace them with new parts. My edge strip is a little bit thinner than yours, I tried to match the 1:1 car on that detail, even though it doesn't really matter.

I'm hoping somebody makes a perfect 3D printed set of engine grilles, that'll encourage me to get into my build again. :D

Would you be willing to make an extra set of laser cut gun doors? I think those look great! I'd love to add them to my build.


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This seems to be a fabrication paradigm that is coming up more & more: 3D print, then use as masters for casting.
Way cool.
R/ Robert


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Here's a very late update,
Next I tackled the vents just behind the front intake.

There was just a hint of engraved detail there before, so that had to go.



Then reconstruct with appropriately curved sheet plastic.



And........sit back and relax.


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