89 Batman cowl; floating display


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Finally finished my cowl display for my ReevzFX 89 Cowl I received back in January.

I wanted to do something more than just placing it on a little stand on a shelf.

So I can up with this.


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I used abs pipe for the frame / structure. Top pipe is horizontal and the bottom pipe is angled at a 45deg angle to the wall, this is the load bearing pipe.
I built cleats that screw on to the wall frame and the abs pipe fit into these holes and used 45deg angled abs that came out of the corner so the display piece was centred in the corner.

I used an old foam roller that I had for physio, this foam roller best supports the cowl. But I found that the ReevzFX holds its shape pretty good anyway.

I used a 1/8 piece of MDF as a base and just used additional foam for the shoulders. I cut out a hole in the foam roller and the vertical abs pipe fits inside.

As for the cape, it’s just a black cotton sheet that I cut into a rough pattern of the cape and fixed it onto the foam. I had to cut a slit in the back to fit over the pipe and cut a second sheet that gets fixed over the front side of the vertical pipe behind the Bat insignia.
Once attached to the foam I sprayed it all with black flex seal, it has a dull rubber finish that is a close match to the cowl. As this is intended just for a display piece, that’s why I used flex seal instead of black latex like the original cape had.

With the abs rigged up properly, it does give the illusion that it’s floating which I’m happy with. Maybe in the future I’ll replace the mock cape with a latex cape.

Pictures to follow.


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Here’s some pictures of the abs frame


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Here are some final pictures


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I really love that with the light behind it there is the illusion of a whole suit... or Batman standing in the shadows.


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I really love that with the light behind it there is the illusion of a whole suit... or Batman standing in the shadows.
As this is my first actual build, it didn’t turn out that bad. Much could be improved but it’s a good start and the original concept I was going for really turned out well.

I’ve learned a lot by reading from all the other members here.

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