89 Bat Grapple (Modular Utility Unit) / 66 Bat Shield, Goonies adventure set, etc.


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Hey gang, finally getting a minute to check in and I wanted to share a few things with you here, first. I've been pretty busy with a great group of guys over at Paragon FX Group. Paragon is a new replica company and I think you're gonna really like how they're doing things.

Be sure and check thingas out, here:

Soooo, let's start here.

The 89 modular utility unit ranks right up there as one of the more complex pieces I've been involved with over the years. It took about 6 months to get this factory master all worked out. What you see here is nothing but machined metal... The grapple will feature multiple attachments. This fully licensed piece will be released with the grapnel hook and the bolo attachment in a custom equipment case.


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Next up, The 66 Bat-Shield...I'm actually sitting next to the first product sample of this piece right now. More to come soon on this. This thing is so large and heavy that it's going to come in a custom equipment case...with things being so slow overseas right now, a number of these items will have their edition sizes and prices announced after they're on the water and in route.

Click on the thumbnail. Trying not to blow the page out, lol.

Batshield_prod_1024x1024@2x.jpg Batshield_folded_1024x1024@2x.jpg


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Another fun one. "The Goonies Adventure Set" is currently in production. More pics to come as the map and final factory samples are wrapped up. The Copper Bones key and the doubloon will be in metal and the map on heavy parchement. A good time working with the studio who provided a wrap-map for this project.



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New look at The Batman with a sneak of his Grapnel Gun. Perhaps we'll be getting this replica as well.


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