88 Landspeeder rescue/renovation.


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Whilst searching for information regarding the history of our latest project I had the good fortune to come across this thread:


As the interest is there and the suggestion made by the staff here is a breif history of the project:

A few years ago the UK Garrison was kindly donated by a US member a ANH Landspeeder. Originally built in California in the late 80's early 90's (?) around a 1988 ford chassis it appears to have been built with the emphasis more on the overall feel of the screen used prop rather than a 100% replication of it.

Here she is in original trim:



When the UKG first took her on she was in need of TLC and several members, predominantly Tony Velda and Malika Andress spent many hours tarting her up and making her presentable again:


Alas, a lack of storage led to an unfortunate situation of it being stored under a tarp for a number of year on a drive way.


The british winters were not kind:


So what was to be done?

Give it up as a loss and scrap it?
Not the UKG way. But how to co-ordinate a wide spread group of people spread across hundreds of miles?

Thankfully the Staff had a better idea, they sent it down to the newly formed Vectis Remnant Squad of the UKG. 8)

The following pics show the strip and refurb in progress:


As she arrived. Very the worse for wear and the pic makes her look healthier than she is.


Warped bonnet panels removed to be used as templates for replacements.



Side grills removed .


Rear panels removed and more horrors revealed.


Panels in top engine support removed due to rot.


Front end required reskimming completely and every panel req's sanding skimming to some extent.



Front end reskimmed and dent sculpted in. "Gashes" still required widening at this point and "I" panel still to be shaped/skimmed. Indicators have since been removed.


New panels fitted , closest one skimmed and nose primed. Note detail cut out relocated to correct side.


Tail end skimmed over . Upper engine re-skimming started and replacement panels fitted and skimmed.







Next step was to fashion the new support struts for the new engine nacels.
Its was decided to have this as a trailer type affair. The plan is to have a structure underneath the front that will enable us to have a removable tow hitch. That way we can tow it to events or in parades but remove all traces of its trailer hitch when statically displayed.

It was also decided by the group that it would be best to change the steering to the correct side. Thankfully a future squad member was able to donate a near perfect steering rack assy and replacement dash .








Before weathering and with newly fashioned side pods:


August 2011:






Since these pics she has had the radar fitted.

We have also filled the spaces left by items such as the radio and the gearbox with switch panels with working switches and lights. We're figuring if kids are going to be getting in for pics they are bound to have a prod around. Might as well give them some lights to turn off and on!

Radio blanking panel:


All she requires now is a satin varnish and the main dial area of the dash filling ( got bits for the fakery panel on my workbench as we speak) and she is almost there.

She has her first outing tomorrow , though sadly with the engines removed as at 4 meters wide she will not fit down the parade route.

I would like to think the original creator would be happy with what we have done with her .

I feel duty bound to thank Steve West, Ross Walmsley, "Hurricane", Luke Burton and Ian White for the team effort. :cool


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I must say I'm jealous. This is an awesome build you guys made it look like it came right off set. Bravo.

I kinda want to try to make one myself but a custom one different paint and not wrecked that sort of thing.
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