'82 Tron Tank Driver Helmet


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Well, I've been sitting on the SK600 for about a year and the HM-6 for 6 months, so I finally decided to get started tonight.

Since I was going to go for the villains helmet with the 600, it's already somewhat cleaned up and has a bit of primer already on it.

The first thing I did was drill my holes for attaching the mask. I used to leftover hardware from my Flynn helmet build.

With that complete, I disassembled and started to clean up the mask. Overall it's in excellent condition and should only need minor repairs. It was dirty as could be, but with a little wet sanding it's ready to go.


The next order of business will be some fiberglass work. Rather than cover the eye holes with paper I'm going to fill them in and smooth them out. I'm going for a bit of a deluxe helmet approach. Since its all fiberglass it will be easier to paint than those horrible SK2000s, so all the lines will be painted. I'll also be building my own earpieces unless I can find a pair of headphones that are similar enough.

Thanks to Mr Sinistar for the reference help.

To be continued...
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Nice. I was hoping the new Tron movie might awaken a few original movie builds. Planning the whole suit, or just the helmet? Will be watching...
Just the helmet, no costume.

Mask came from eBay. It wasn't cheap, but I got the SK600 for 99 cents I think.
This was my first attempt at using fiberglass, but I think it went well. Fiberglass, Bondo, and a little poly putty. The yellow eyes were kind of creepy.


After a full coat to seemingly old primer, I think it's ready for a final wet sand and then paint.


On to the helmet...
Thanks for crediting me, Lindy! :D

I just got my first HM-6 about a week ago and I'm hoping to start my build soon. :) Hopefully we can ID those damn headphones soon, lol
Thanks for crediting me, Lindy! :D

I just got my first HM-6 about a week ago and I'm hoping to start my build soon. :) Hopefully we can ID those damn headphones soon, lol

Nice! I'm tired of doing Google image searches on those headphones:thumbsdown
There were still a few spots on the helmet that needed touch ups. I should be able to get a coat of white on tomorrow, and then to start on the ear pieces.


I will say, I'm loving that this is so much easier to paint than the SK2000
Well, the closest headphones I can find are all KOSS headphones. The TD 60 and SST/7 look close but the shape is just slightly off.

I'm hoping these headphones don't turn into a "Guard Glove" problem. I've only seen the hockey gloves the guards use on ebay once, lol.

What are you using to touch up the helmet, Lindy? It's looking epic!! :D

I fill any big spots with Bondo, but the small scratches and whatnot I use polyester putty. It mixes with a catalyst like Bondo, but its sands finer and has a little flex to it. After that it gets sandable primer, a good wet sand, and paint.
Been away for a while, but I have a smallish update. I got the mask painted and cleared, and I've started painting the circuitry. I've decided to do it in about 3 stages, so If I err I wont have to redo the whole thing.

Masked and painted


It definitely needs cleanup, and I'm not totally convinced that I wouldn't completely redo it either. It is cool to see some paint on it though.
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