8" scale Lego Probe Droid project


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The first of many pics to follow! Here is the main hub piece for the probe droid. It is hard to tell from this image, but it is an exact copy of the smaller minifig piece built to my larger scale. Each figure consists of two of these and two additional body discs. This pictured piece holds the four receptors/eyes (top one) and the four legs (bottom one.)
The eyes and legs are molded and I have castings waiting for the body parts to be done. By late next week I'll have the main top dome (about 6" in diameter!) to show you, and within a week or so of that date I should have the figures in the Junkyard here.
Enjoy, and feel free to comment.
Here is the machined dome. The longer cylindrical shape at the top will be shortened after casting to fit into the top antenna. it's longer to allow for rising bubbles to be drawn away from the surface. Dome will be here within three days, and molding will immediately follow.

I may take a case to a con some day, but for now it's all I can do to get these built! Thanks for the comments.

Here is a cell phone pic of two probot leg castings. The same piece is used for the speeder bike handle bars, so I have a lot of "two birds with one stone" pieces being cast right now.

Here are a few shots of the test fitting I did this morning. Parts are unfinished, raw castings. I am very pleased with the fitment. The "eyes" were cast using the best clear resin I have ever found, tinted with a few drops of orange tint. They are a light orange/amber color, not red as the picture suggests. The center rod that holds all of the parts together is en route to me as I type, and the bottom disc is finished but is hidden within the tube I used as a stand. As on the minifigure, this piece is held aloft using a clear acrylic tube and has a white half-domed base. I will have final product photos to post very shortly.

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After a long hiatus, I finally got the rest of the parts in today. The speeder bike molds will be done by this weekend and the probot will progress quickly from here on out.
The probot still needs some cleanup, final assembly, and paint, but these pics give you an idea of the scale and the overall look. I only have so many hands, so some parts (like the eyes) are missing as well as the bottom disc.

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