Done / Completed 8 Bit Superhero Magnets / Keychains (3D Printed) - Affordable!!


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Hey all,

I did these up for a local Con and had some left so I thought I'd offer them up here.

These are 3D printed 8 bit superheroes that can either be made into a magnet or keychain. We've got a bunch of different models available, from Star Lord to Chewbacca!

They would make a great present for friends or family. They come in white and you can use sharpies to color whatever design/costume you want. Each also comes with either a rare earth magnet or a keychain loop.

The best part is they're cheap! 10 designs for $20.00 and that includes your choice of magnets and/or loops. I think I can ship these for about $5.00 in a padded envelope.

If you're interested, send me a PM with which ones you want (ie: 1 starlord, 2 batmans, 1 robin, 1 harley, 1 joker & 1 penguin, etc) and how many of magnets/loops (ie: 6 magnets, 4 loops) and I'll get back to you with availability and my paypal.

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