7up Captain America mini chopper electric bike

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Has anyone else seen or gotten their hands on one of these? I got mine from the Walmart where I work, some hoseheads put it together wrong and the first spin around my park the speedometer caught fire, so I'm trying to get in touch with the company. Did some research and finally found the company that makes them. Their website is Chopper bikes,Chopper bicycle,China Chopper bikes- HangZhou A-OK Bike Co.,Ltd

The first one in the top left is the one that I have, it is friggin awesome. I also did not get an instruction manual which is a bit of a bummer, but I'm going to try to fix it up nice and purty and maybe make a few funny cap videos with it. Need a cap costume and good looking shield first. I will try to figure out some pics and put them up, but just wondering if anyone else on the rpf got one of these cool bikes.

I will post up my mods and changes to it as I go along and what I've found out that probably is not mentioned in the manual.

First thing is that my high beam does not work, it runs a quartz halogen bulb, upon testing the power output, the headlights and turn signals all run on 52 volts. Crazy huh? I'm going to put a regulator in and lower them to 12volt and install LED's so that if I choose to, I can ride at night with minimal power draw.

There is no rear facing lights or reflectors at all on this bike. I plan to get a model A style "stop" glass round taillight and maybe a custom little license plate.

I am in San Diego California and really wanted to be able to ride this on the street, not sure of your local laws where you are all at but the electric bikes and such are mostly illegal in Cali. I was very happy to find out though, that this is LEGAL. All that is required is a visual inspection by the DMV and a $18 one time registration fee, no license, no insurance, it's a bicycle :)

The seat is a black faux leather, my wife's uncle had some 40-50 yr old leather he gave me and I just recovered the seat in it, going to change the whole look around.

The gas tank has a star and a stripe design on it, it is decals that got clearcoated in... poorly, my tank has a dent I'm going to get fixed, then I'm going to put a custom paint job on it, still unsure of what, but I think I want to go ahead and stick with the cap theme. There is a sticker on the frame next to the seat that says Captain America The First Avenger, and the green plastic fenders have the blue circle with the white star of the army.

I will look into getting some nice pics and putting them up soon, but if you want to see one, look on ebay, type in 7up chopper or captain america chopper.
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Been a bit, got some pics linked up through my cardomain page

http://carphotos4.cardomain.com/images/0015/82/50/15892805_large.jpg?v=1 - top of tank
http://carphotos.cardomain.com/images/0015/72/99/15892799_large.jpg?v=1 - full bike
http://carphotos3.cardomain.com/images/0015/82/40/15892804_large.jpg?v=1 - good shot of back
http://carphotos3.cardomain.com/images/0015/82/00/15892800_large.jpg?v=1 - better shot of front wheel and fender

hopefully these will work. I think I'm going to go over and sandblast the tank and get it done up in army green to match the fenders, then get some white star stickers made like the front fender has, and get them on the sides of the tank. Then get a nice cap shield sticker on the top of the tank below the gas cap keyholder. Maybe some small wing stickers like the wings on Cap's helmet to go up on the upper corners of the tank. So I've gotten a ton of views, make me some suggestions on what mods I should maybe do for it? I'm going to look into what I could do for a stereo, but may just hook an ipod jack, and definitely going to put some lights under the tank and seat and seeing where and what I can light up on the bike. I've got tons of multi colored LED's that auto rotate through several colors and run on 4.5v. But I may just do some red, white, and blue ones instead. Oh also I got some silver skull air caps for the wheels that I'm gonna go paint up to look like the red skull :)
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So I took the bike to the local dmv, got jerked around, told to go to the chp and get vin verified and stuff, that's next tuesday, then maybe I can get it registered to put around on the street with it.
And after much snafoo.... After speaking with the CHP, the officer that checks VIN numbers and such wrote me a nice paper that says it is a bicycle and therefore needs to not be registered. Now to get the dents on the tank cleaned off, paint the tank green, get some nice army stars on it, then add more lighting, change the headlight to a SMD LED and work on getting the speedometer fixed and reinstalled. more pics to follow.


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Read your post about the Captain America bike.
I just got one from Wal-mart that they were going to throw away. It is missing the cord to plug it in and charge it. Any idea where I can get one?
Would you email me your answer at stvmcd@aol.com

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Been a long time, with Halloween coming and the collectability value pretty much toast with the speedometer fire and stuff, I've decided to mod the bike further and get a taillight on it, then paint the tank black and put dago bolts on it, to go with my Daryl Dixon costume for Halloween. Pics to come, dart shooting crossbow should be here by Halloween, got the Spirit ear necklace and biker vest with the wings and a plaid shirt from Costco today, add a pair of jeans and a red rag out the pocket and get the bike ready, bam, Halloween fun, then Stan Lee's comikaze is nov 3rd, gonna see if I can get a pic with Merle, then do it again at con, but bring the bike down for the zombie walk on Saturday :)


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hi my name is bill do you still have your electric chopper i live in san diego and cannot get thru to the maker of this bike. i need the wiring diagrham for it cell 1-619-370-4572

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