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What’s up guys, I’m back, I’m making my second 7 piece spidey suit. Let’s get right into it.
So the base suit was purchased from ZentaiZone. It used their red and deep blue fabrics. CDC5EB4F-F6FB-437D-8FE4-2AFDBF561CC8.jpeg
The first thing I did was attach some snaps around the waist. I got these snaps from Walmart. I ended up using 5 of the big ones, and 4 small ones around the waist. D4407A7A-192E-4C98-9390-1C9ECD1B8254.jpeg 15108C4D-FF3A-4FC3-8430-2E9CD773A116.jpeg AE2389C0-F051-47F8-A24B-625F52AD7C4D.jpeg
The next step was to start drawing on the webs. I used a washable crayola marker, so that way I can get rid of any mistakes.
For the mask, I threw it on my Tjack face shell and just kinda free-handed it. For the body, I put it on a pillow and used a ruler to measure out all the webs. For the boots, I put a roll of paper towels in them and measured them out. I based the web pattern off the Homecoming and FFH suits. CE841BC7-9297-44C5-8863-1D5B2C82A0CB.jpeg 6197298E-1C1C-41E9-8310-EF3A91F004FB.jpeg E4AB9E18-9E55-46F3-8084-4ADEF2E13403.jpeg 66700416-C6B8-4976-BB9D-2F7725B942BC.jpeg 9B0151D1-18BF-486A-A42C-369C98E28F25.jpeg
The front spider I originally had was 3D printed, but it was too stiff. So I ended up tracing it onto a piece of fabric stabilizer and plastidipped it. The back spider is the same fabric stabilizer, wrapped in red fabric. 0C310CAF-6D82-40C5-88DA-2DF607C92626.jpeg F970B367-3FB4-4B7D-B18D-42FEB5072C21.jpeg 64C39CC7-F4D3-4B82-8D15-FE5B91FBE5A6.jpeg
The next step is painting the webs. I mixed puff paint with liquid latex, so that they would be more durable. Then I went to town on the suit. 4D1FF58E-65D7-4DA9-8E4B-622B8C4C5629.jpeg 51A14135-5A3C-4EA5-BA4A-978DB0154382.jpeg B8FA829E-C69D-452B-A921-3C6E871C946A.jpeg A083720A-B848-4C47-9DE0-6CEA6B936FE4.jpeg 185C1E04-9676-4198-BEB4-DCC7ED34BBCE.jpeg B6A45977-B657-410C-B85A-1D8B98218043.jpeg
I still need to do the webs on the gloves, and install Kung-fu shoes into the boots. I’ll try to keep this updated, but if i forget, I’ll post everything on my Instagram @vaughanilla_ice

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