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    Okay everyone. After many trials and errors of modifying patterns. I have done 3 re-makes of this pattern.
    1. Orhadar's TASM2 pattern in 7 pieces
    2. Ken Landrum's TASM2 pattern
    3. Ken Landrum's newer TASM2 pattern

    EDIT: I changed the Spider symbol to the more accurate one as well. There is a HUGE difference!

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    The new (v3b) layered photoshop file has BOTH spiders... just turn the layer you like "ON"
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    Yes I know. Unfortunately I was working with the previous before you added that back in. So I had to manually paste it over -not very good with PhotoShop- But I got it to work exactly on.
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    how to download your pattern?
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    Sorry my patterns are private and not for sale. Since they are the first of their kind and done by me - I'd like to keep it that way.

    UPDATE: I changed the mask pattern and had a friend help me merge the two back pieces into one.

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