6in lantern rings


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I am starting to build 6in6in Lantern rings. My first one is a violet ring because my daughter said i had too. Each ring will be lighted with its corresponding color using 8 leds in each and be mounted with each oath. I want to display all 9 together with a main switch and individual switches to turn on the lights if i can i might etch the oath into plexing and light it also. i dont know what i should do to display them lined up with the tops facing out or to stack them in a lamp type fashion. any thoughts on this project would be awesome.

Each ring will be made of cardboard and fiberglass. and any thoughts on battery vs using a 5 volt ac. All my led projects before have been battery powered but i would like to be able to know that i can power things via the wall or even usb. thanks and also i hope this is the right place to post this. it seemed to be more of a art piece than a prop.

I will post pics of progress to get feed back as i go
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