'66 BatCowl finally finished


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Hi All,

Just wanted to share photos of my Adam West style BatCowl.
The shell is fiberglass and the fabric is the modern version of the original fabric.Same weight and weave.
The color was arrived at using a swatch that was originally dyed under the supervision of the costume designer for the show at the same dyehouse about 15 years ago.The dyehouse I use color matched it in a more permanent dye.

Hope you like it.





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Ever notice that just about anyone in that cowl ends up looking like Adam West? :lol


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Originally posted by GeneralMayhem+Dec 5 2005, 08:01 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(GeneralMayhem @ Dec 5 2005, 08:01 PM)</div>
@Dec 5 2005, 03:14 PM
Thought I would show a couple of shots of my suit so far for those that haven't seen it.



Beautiful work.
Thank you....
That really means a lot coming from you.
I checked out your site and let me say your work is beautifully done.
Top notch.
Thanks again,


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Wow, that's amazing. Great work. :D

There are so many subtle nuances to the AW Batman costume, and it looks like you hit them all.

Thanks for sharing.



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Thanks so much for the great response.
I'm glad to share this with folks that know and see the little things that are important to me as well.

I've had a few questions about it .
Here are some of the answers.

The cowl shell I resculpted and tweaked from a warped stuntman copy from the show. It took 5 revisions to get it to where you see it.
The shell is 1/16" thick vinyl ester resin and fiberglass matt.

I made the belt and it is leather over hand made aluminum boxes. I made the buckle in 1/16th inch brass and sandblasted the design myself. Yes, the boxes actually work.

I had the emblem screen printed from a cleaned up scan of an original emblem from the show.

The cape is being made as we speak from a satin silk like the original, from a tracing of an original cape pattern.

Overall it's taken just under 2 years to get it where it is.

Thanks again.


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Thanks guys.

Nope,I'm a fan of the '66 Batman first and foremost and I never felt that it had been done the way I would do it. The suit design is actually pretty ingenious for it's time but I feel it got lost in the humor of the show.

There are plenty of guys making beautiful modern Batsuits now. I sculpt for a living so that would just feel like more work to me.Working outside my medium has been eye opening.

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