$6 Holophoner


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I wanted to make a simple holophoner for a Halloween costume inspired by the Futurama episode The Devil's Hands Are Idle Plaything.

Everything was from the dollar store. Since I was bouncing between working on this and trying to keep my infant son entertained, I was rushing and didn't care too much about craftsmanship as long as it looked mostly like the one from the show.

The holophoner was made from a green recorder, which was masked and painted blue. The front is a bendy straw and the glowing tip is the top from a bottle. The bulb is a rubber ball that I cut holes in and slid on then glued on some sparkly felt stickers for the blue and pink dots. I also bought a cheap LED booklight, dissected it and stuffed it inside so the tip glows.

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I still plan on making the devil's hands to complete the deal. I'll probably make them out of craft foam.


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Nice work! There are a bunch of props from Futurama I would love the make myself, the Holophoner being one of the top on the list. :thumbsup
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