Interest 5th element Mondoshawan head with neck, cast from original.


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Hi guys,

About 10 years ago I made a cast from my original Mondoshawan head. It was a very limited run and not many made. I had plans of making the neck and a small piece of the suit as well so the head could be displayed “properly” but never got around to it, until now :)

The mold for the head is the same as for 10 years ago, it’s in perfect condition and will last for a long time. Here is the head that it is molded from.

The neck is to fragile to mold, but I have made a very accurate replica of the neck through measurements of my original prop.

The neck will be connected to a piece that is replicated from the suit, and it will have some aluminum construction inside the neck so the head can be set in a custom position. And it can be displayed on a wall or a shelf.
Here is a render of the idea.

The base is already done, and is molded. And the neck will be made this coming week, so I will have the first completed set made during next week.

I would like to sell a few, and if you are interested please send me a PM or let me know here in this thread, and I’ll put you on the list.
The Mondoshawan head will be finished, and be ready for display, painted and finished just like my original prop head, so it will be very accurate. Looking something like this!

It will be $850 plus shipping, and I will check the shipping cost as soon as I know what countries this will be shipped to.

This is the list so far:

1. asavage
2. *Private*
3. andreasp
4. AGxM
5. Macorrie

6. eethan
7. Helixios
8. crighton
9. comm510
10. xkuco

reserve/bonus list
1. audiorob
2. JediJohn182
3. Aegis159
4. Bigturc
5. NostromoCrew
6. ahoudini

Molds for the base and the “rubber collar” is finished and works great, here is the first pull from the mold. The base is smooth cast with rigid foam as backing, so it’s lightweight and rigid, the neck will be made out of rubber and will be molded during the weekend. Hopefully everything is finished shortly after the weekend.


So everything is going as planned, and will have the first finished “bust” ready next week. :)

******UPDATE 2 ******
All the parts like the heads, backplate and the rubber collars are cast and are going through the finishing stages.
All that’s left is the neck, I thought that I would have that done this week but had to postpone that to this coming week.

Here’s a WIP picture.

I had forgot how much work it was to cast the heads, it was 10 years plus last time I did it. So if you are on the list you are safe and will get a fantastic piece!
But I will close the list soon, and I don’t think I will ever do this again, so if you are thinking about joining the list, now is the time!
I hope you guys like were this is going, please post a comment.

********update 3*******

10 spots are now full, adding a “bonus” list for those that missed out. This list is open for those that can take a spot from the original list if someone drops out OR if I manage to do more then 10.

*******UPDATE 4*******
This is a few pictures of all the parts working together.
The neck and backplate will work as the “display” for the head.
It will be made so it can be hanged on the wall as a bust.

Details on the Head will be preserved so all the details from the original head will be still there.
Eyes will be vac-formed plastic just as the original.
Base and head is cast in Onyx black and are very robust, neck will be made out of a foam and the details inside the baseplate are made out of rubber.
All is made to represent the original prop as good as I can, and having the different parts made in different material adds to the authentic look.


Picture above are just to show how the base will look like, and for size ref.


Example how it will look.

Hopefully the first 5 will be painted during next week, I have a few details to figure out with the neck to make it the best way.
Thinking of doing it with some aluminum construction inside the neck, but I will see what works the best during next week.

I think it’s looking good, and will look so much better when it’s painted.
What do you guys think?

**********Update 5*********

This is just a teaser! It was so long ago I painted a few of these, and I almost forgot how I did but I’m getting there, this is a wip but just to get a feeling on the finished head. Lucky I have the original to compare with.

Pictures just don’t make the real impression justice.

**********Update 6**********



I’m pleased with the paint job on the head, it’s a perfect match to the original head.
Right now I’m working on the collar and the neck that will be ready later today.
I’ll try and put everything together asap, but need to get everything just right before that. Not long now until this will start to ship out.
When I get up speed on these I think I will be able to do a few of these a week.

Again, these images above do not do it justice, you will see when you get them and can check them out in person!

Ok, finished the collar and put everything together, had to take the pictures at an angle because I can’t hang it on the wall yet.
The collar has some minor weathering to be made, so it is not the final version.
But all in all this is pretty much how it will look.

Do people want it in a “used” state or as pristine?




Collar is in onyx with a hard filling.
Collar inside, is made in hard rubber.
Neck is made out of soft foam, backed with resin to hold the pose, it is hollow if you want to put lights in the eyes.
Head is rotocast onyx black, light but very sturdy.
Eyes are vacuformed plastic.

Doing it this way with different materials (as the original) gives it a much better looking piece.

What do you all think?

Last update before shipping the first 5 out.

This is the finished bust, the “collar” piece is built to be hanged on a wall for easy display of the head, so the collar piece is just a display “arrangement”, but I have spent time on doing it as accurate as possible.
The head is mounted on the neck but can easily be take of if needed or wanted, maybe if someone wants to put some lights inside it?!
The neck is also hollow with a hole at the back is cables need to go down to a power source.

The head has been done after all my ability’s to be as accurate as possible to my original, even inside the head how the vac formed eyes was attached.

Anyways, I contacted the first five a few weeks ago to get ready for payment, so now the other 5 down the list can do the same (6-10).

Here are a few shots



At the backside of the plate that holds the collar in place, it is numbered (this will be painted)
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SO cool, thank you for offering that chance to the community again! I sent you a PM to discuss :)


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Sorry for the lack of updates, but it is ongoing! Its just that I have a few movie gigs at the moment that is taking up my time....
Will post pictures soon of the finished "bust".
Still 3 spots open! But will close the list when I do the next update.


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Yes, I would love to buy one. I see the first 10 spots are gone, but if you can make an 11th one, I would greatly appreciate it. I am making a Star Wars theater room/Cantina, and would like to add this 5th element citizen to the cantina! Thanks again Rob


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Any news?
Yes, sorry for my sudden absence, but I got a movie gig a few weeks ago and it was a rush job. So I have been occupied with this gig for a few weeks now, hopefully I will be done soon and can continue on the Mondoshawans.

They are cast and just waiting to be painted! Sorry for the hold up, but I’ll be finishing them within a few weeks.


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Yes, sorry for my sudden absence, but I got a movie gig a few weeks ago and it was a rush job. So I have been occupied with this gig for a few weeks now, hopefully I will be done soon and can continue on the Mondoshawans.

They are cast and just waiting to be painted! Sorry for the hold up, but I’ll be finishing them within a few weeks.
Can I take one of the reserve spots please love this movie

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