501st at the Dallas Symphony. SW Music night

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Docking bay 327, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Docking bay 327

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    Wednesday night, my wife and I went to hear the music of Star Wars at the Myerson performance hall. I just wanted to thank all the guys and gals who came in costume, especially the 501st and the guys from Kessel Base of the Rebel Legion.
    The music was wonderful, (to hear a real choir singing during Duel of the Fates...WOW). Anthony Daniels was great as he narrated everyone through the transitions of the music. And all the kids and the kids at heart thought it was pretty cool seeing stormies come in during the Imperial March.
    Thanks to all who attended. But I have to admit... That had to be the tallest Scout trooper I have ever seen. "Aren't you a little tall for a Scout trooper?" :D

  2. vaderfanforever

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    VERY cool. Do you have any pics you would care to share?? ;)

  3. spastromech

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  4. KevVader

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    ...cool pix.....Obi Wan is a dead ringer for Ewan.....
  5. vaderfanforever

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    Great pics.. Looks like you guys had a blast. I may be a Vader, but that is a really great looking R2 you have there.

  6. Gruson

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    I attended Tuesday night and loved it. Great job 501st. You are right, that scout trooper looked like a giraffe. LOL

    I loved it when they played the Imperial March and all the troppers came walking in.

    We also had Chewbacca in our audience. Everyone loved him.

    What a great time.
  7. rigormortis

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    That little Leia is too cute. Especially next to the Vader.
  8. JHVanOphem

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    Is the group shot on the steps a timed exposure? That sabre glow is really noticeable on Brian.
  9. Jedidentist

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    It was a nice show. I'm so happy for them that they were able to add a third night which also sold out. Good for them.
  10. RedTwoX

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    I wish I could have attended. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. Trooper_trent

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    LOL. That would be Craig. He's a new member. Very cool guy. Very tall
    I'm jealous that I didn't get to go. I signed up to go at least one night as Vader but work didn't permit me to go so Ryan, the trooper that he is, did Vader ALL THREE NIGHTS all the way from Oklahoma. You guys did a really good job, I'm proud of ya.
    Yeah Brian IS Ewan in my books. My wife doesnt even call him by his name, she calls him Obi-wan. :)
  12. MisserCraig

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    Oh come on guys, a giraffe?. Do I really look THAT out of place?? :unsure
  13. Gilmortar

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    Yeah, no @#$%., I forgot that now there is a height limit to all star wars costumes. And all you fat guys in TK armor, you might as well just give it to some one who is of appropriate weight requirements... seriously...no really...for real...im not kidding...
  14. Darth Domain

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    i love this pic, , the saber looks very convincing also. brilliant
  15. Docking bay 327

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    It takes a lot of time, energy and effort to get out there all 3 nights. Everyone did great. Seriously, thank you to everyone who came out and helped.

  16. allosaur176

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    Ofcourse he is, Ewan played him in the PT :p

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