Limited Run 5' Millennium Falcon Rarities Castings and Vintage Koolshade -- Limited to 10 Sets

Studio Kitbash

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Limited to 10 Sets, on a First-Come, First-Served Basis:

Castings of the following:

That elusive scarab greeblie from the engine deck "mandala" section.

All of these pieces:

Which looks like this, close-up:

All the #K6 Centurion pieces you need, and ALL the Aurora Sealab pieces you need for everything -- engine mandala, docking rings, side arms upper and lower, the 2 engine pieces from the 1/6 CB750 Racing Version, and the 8 required Valkyrie engine halves.


All the Docking Ring Aurora bases at 13mm high, the rare screwdriver halves, the integrated circuit piece in ORIGINAL (not casting), the Bandai 1/24 M60 scarcities, the struts from the CB750 Racing Type motorcycle, the hard-to-find hexagonal rings from the rare M8 Armored Car, all 16 required Sealab engine wings, the two Bandai 1/24 Panther G boxes, with ONE (only) Panther G mantlet casting, a bunch of the small/fiddly sidewall greeblies, the 2 required vintage 1/72 Kubelwagen hoods, and the double-section long/weird/hard-to-measure-and-make Aurora Sealab pieces with the 2 little extra greeblies molded in, and the trimmed-down Fokker D-7 gun piece for the engine mandala scarab section.


All 26 of the engine petal 1/48 Munitions Carrier shovels, the 3 key pieces from the 1/48 Patton M60, the King Tiger pieces, the mandible pit un-ID'ed pieces from the elusive 1/48 scale tank, the Handley-Page greeblie with the Mania Kate micro-greeblie attached for that one mandible pit, all 16 of the upper/lower and port/starboard docking ring arms Aurora Sealab pieces, and the supremely hard-to-find perfect casting of the Bandai 1/24 M60 deck piece to go on top of the Yardley McLaren body piece on the lower fuselage.


All the Bandai 1/15 Hummel pieces you need (16 of them) to assemble your upper/lower rear deck engine vertical vanes (in which YOU get to choose how to glue them together, with a 1mm or 1.5mm gap between them, because that's an artistic interpretation you make, not me)


The 1/24 Bandai M60 rarities, the cut-off support structures for attaching the outer and inner side-arm docking rings, the mandible pit (at 3.5" OD) with the Airfix pontoon bridge base plating, the 16 required super-delicate Aurora Sealab platform steps for upper/lower engine deck, the Bandai 1/24 M60 turret ring (with vintage Koolshade to go under it), the Kenworth W-925 chassis rails cut-offs with the engine greeblie molded in, and the four key Aurora Sealab plates needed for the base of the center docking ring assemblies.


These castings above from this ultra-rare find below, for that one mandible pit that is as-yet-un-ID'ed:

And six of these engine vent rings with vintage Koolshade cut to size, along with an 18-inch strip of 3-band-wide vintage Koolshade (23-louvers per inch) for the nosecone tube section, and 2 mini-pieces for the port and starboard upper docking arm walkways. You can also simply request the right amount of vintage Koolshade to cut yourself for your own engine vent ring design.

Prices Firm as Follows:
$1300 for everything above (with two guaranteed Easter Eggs -- one casting that is not mentioned, and one original greeblie that you are not expecting)
$800 for just the vintage Koolshade and the 6 vent rings
$700 for just the vintage Koolshade without the rings (in case you don't want mine but are engineering your own), which is a section of Koolshade that YOU cut, not me.
$600 for just the greeblie castings, with no vent rings and no vintage Koolshade
$100-300 for any subset of the greeblies, depending on which piece/group/set you want (if you don't want/need all of them)

First-come, first-serve. You are purchasing multiple thousand dollars worth of originals, in perfect castings, at a fraction of the price. There are no more available after these ten sets are gone, and four are already accounted for/sold.

Flashing, sanding, and casting clean-up has already been done on all these pieces. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and any piece that is not perfectly usable/flawless will be replaced free of charge.

PM me for Paypal details.

Studio Kitbash

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These hard-to-find screwdriver handles are included:

As are these vintage Sherman grills, that you need four of for each docking ring (which I've left uncut, as this is also an artistic interpretation that you'll be happier making than me):

And though it's not photographed in the collection, this greeblie required for the mandala scarab piece is also included:

Studio Kitbash

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A member has asked how well the Aurora M8 Munitions Blade Carriers came out, as they are hard to mold, so here are some close-ups to show the four corners and details:


Answer: they are flawless, and I usually send 2-4 extra castings (28-30 total pieces) so you can build with your choice of the most perfect versions. But if you like the two or three extra pieces, you can use them to make a Death Star Turbo Laser Cannon.

Studio Kitbash

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You probably already know this, but "Limited to 10 Sets" means I'm only making 10 pulls from the molds, and that means each and every pull is guaranteed flawless. 30 pulls per mold until they start breaking down, on average. So the first 10 pulls are always the best.

Studio Kitbash

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2 Matilda Plates now included, with separately molded (and thus separately attachable, to your height specs) Hasegawa 1/72 Sherman tank halves:

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