5 Foot Millennium Falcon - Difference between ANH and ESB


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Hi folks,

If anyone knows the modifications that were made to the 5 foot Millennium Falcon model between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know here (photos would be great). I know the Falcon went to 5 landing legs from 3, but not sure about any others.

Thanks in advance....
Thanks astroboy.

I took a look, but did not see a thread for the Falcon. I know there is a thread where it is the differences between the 5 foot and 32 inch models, but haven't seen one for what I am looking.
Yeah, I made a thread about spotting differences in the filming models, the first post goes into the differences made to the 5 footer over the trilogy before I went into the different models.


OK......The Differences of the 5 footer Star Wars version (or A New Hope) to the same model modified for Empire Strikes Back.....the additional Landing gear boxes:


...and a broken Quad gun after ESB:


Headlights added to the 5 Footer between SW & ESB


There were also more lights added on the underside,......but I think that is it

The other main differences were bits that got broken off and were never replaced:(

Thanks Jaitea. I am coming across the missing parts as I am modeling the Falcon. Coming down to extrapolating what they might have looked like based on the missing shape that was left in the paint.
This is helpful information. I'm working on repainting a Millennium Falcon game piece for the FFG X-Wing Miniatures Game and I'm realizing that I don't have my reference photos divided between the two models. Gonna have to sort this out before I dig into the Hasbro Falcon....

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