5 foot ANH Millennium Falcon


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sorry to dissappoint fellas, but I havent been able to work on the MF in quite awhile as real life has intruded into my wonderful little hobby... I did manage to shoot a boatload of new pics when the original was on display in Brooklyn, NY (it was horribly displayed with awful lighting) so that will be a big help. Rest assured I will post new pics when I make some progress! Thanks for the interest....


Boba Flint

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kitbasher wrote:
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real life has intruded into my wonderful little hobby...

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Don't you just hate that. Doesn't real life know how important this hobby is.

Jedi Dade

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I don't know if this is old news or not but I've identified a part on the engine wedge as a part from a 1/35 leopard tank kit. I can't post pics to show but if anyone is interested e-mial me and I'll e-mail the pics of the part.

Jedi Dade


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I don't know what's known and what's not on this thing but I found parts from the Minicraft 1/5 Mazda Rotary Engine on it. There's a big chunk on the sidestarboard mandible right up near the cockpit.
BTW- if anyone wants this kit, I'll sell mine. I was hoping it might have prop parts in it- no luck.


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Hello everyone..been a while since I've peeked in here.Anyway,I'm working on the 32" Falcon,but I was wondering,is anyone willing to share some parts info on the 5ft Falcon?There are some assemblies on the 5footer I want to incorporate on the 32" Falcon if I can find the same/similar kits in the correct scale for the 32" Falcon.Well..I hope to here from someone ,till then,happy modeling-John


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hey I know this is an old thread but I am still very interested in trying to build a large falcon
so have continued to id parts
I wish there was a way to post pics
the tops of the mandibles where they meet the main body dish there are two strange looking humps one on either side kind of like peaks in front and then flat in back well I beleive they could be the cockpit tubes from 1/12 F1 tamiya cars I haven't cooberated this yet as my kits are in storage but if some one could look at thiere if they have the time and availability I would appreciate it


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Everyone over at the 32" falcon thread is busy trying to get their hands on the 1/8 porsche tranny. Building the 5 foot falcon, you could prabably get away with using a real porsche tranny!
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