5' Falcon base hull building

As I've begun the process of building this thing I have a few things on order, but I also have about a zillion and one questions. So hopefully someone can point me in the right direction for these first few. Maybe eagle1 would have some of these answers.

1. What is the thickness for the acrylic sheet used to create the mandibles?

2. What is the thickness for the styrene sheet sheet used for the hull plating?

3. Is there a 'notcher' tool people are using for the plate notches? or is that just a lot of cuts with an x-acto?

4. Are there existing patterns for the plate shapes? or are people just using a lot of top down references?

5. Is the Bandai kit accurate enough to take measurements from?

That's 5 out of one zillion, so I'll be back :)

thanks in advance.
Here is a tip. When asking a question always start with. "I have searched and searched, but I can't find the answer. Can someone help me with, bla, bla, bla?"

That way no one will post things like, "Try the search button." "Don't be lazy!", etc..

It's a life saver (y) :lol:
Well, there it is. The very first part for this build. I'm trying to keep the exterior greeblies to be as 100% from the original kits as I can. But some of the foundation hull parts can be printed out and have the model kit parts attached. The ABS hull domes have been ordered so once those arrive I can figure out my next steps for the main hull build.

I don't know why I picked a gun platform window but now I'm 0.1% finished.

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Ehm, I made the same joke with Stu with the falcon a year ago... until I almost died in january. So better star building all.
You never know hen it's over ;):p
Printed 2 docking rings yesterday. Printing them both on the plate at once took about 10 hours, and then another hour of clean up. 3D Printing is great, but honestly these two parts would have taken me about 30 minutes on my lathe and a block of MDF. Sadly, I no longer have access to my lathe, or anyplace to put it if I did.

Anyway, a bit more cleanup and they should be good to go.
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Yep, that's the thing with any project of any size. If you have access to many tools/mediums, etc...Which one will you use to attain your goal?
As you said; if you had a lathe, that docking ring could've been done/finished in 30 minutes. This 3-D one has taken a long time to print and is not finished yet! Those are the decisions we (model makers) have to make every day;)(y)(y)
Ehm, I made the same joke with Stu with the falcon a year ago... until I almost died in january. So better star building all.
You never know hen it's over ;):p
Stay on the right side of the dirt Dimitri-Ajith. The 5 ft. Falcon takes the time it takes. Really is no fast track even with printing skills if your doing most of the detail with kit parts. You’re doing a good job as are others on this site.

Older guys are a little more challenged, but if you’re retired you can dedicate much more time. Don’t know how folks who work stay with it.
Well, thanks to Stu (eagle1) I have a set of 5' Falcon domes ready to go. I'm almost finished the thing at this point...;)


I really didn't grasp the size of the thing until I started putting parts up against my 32" build for comparison... wow.


Now if only eBay would stop cancelling my kit orders from the States, that would be helpful. In the past 24 hours I've had 3 kits cancelled by the Global Shipping Centre. I really wish people would stop using that awful service. But anyway, the BMW Motorcycle, the 1:24 ME-109, and the Fire Truck will need to be sourced some other way. I'm not sure if the more modern releases are going to work, but those 3 vintage kits are gone forever.
Hi Dave,
Great progress with your build so far, I’ve added you to my watched threads and I will be following your journey.
I know this doesn't look like a whole lot, but it actually impresses the heck out of me.

When I purchased the hull domes from Stu, he included an MDF frame template. Unfortunately I no longer have a shop capable of working with wood so I'm 3D Printing my hull frame. The concept is something akin to a spoke wheel, with frames radiating off a central hub. Anyway, last night I printed my PLA test version of Stu's wooden frame and it's correct to within 0.01" (0.25mm). Honestly, when you sit them besides each other and run your finger over the seam between the two, if it wasn't for the material texture change, you wouldn't feel the difference.

But just as importantly, the weight difference is massive. the PLA frame weighs about 20% of the wooden one (maybe less), and it doesn't have lightening holes yet. As a proof of concept - Can I print an accurate part? - it's a wild success.

When I set out to do this project, I had the goal of 100% accurate including internal structure. Sadly I've had to reign in those expectations and just keep to 'external accuracy'. What you can see should be correct, but the hidden stuff I can't get too fussed over because I don't have the shop for that sort of work.

Anyway, now that I've proven one of the basic concepts, I can move on with the remainder of the frame design.


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My current plan for the main hull interior structure. I'm not 100% finished the design yet, I still have to do the mandible supports on the front. But generally, this is what I'm after. Spokes off a central hub that also doubles as the stand mount. I've taken a cue from the ILM model and added lightening holes throughout. Although 3D Printed PLA is already only about 20% the weight of a wooden structure, and just as strong.

For something that nobody will ever see once it's all buttoned up, I seem to have put a lot of effort into this part of the process.

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For the size comparison pic from last week....I remember earlier this year seeing a pic of someone holding the dish in their hand, which looked pretty big....and I was then working on the much much smaller MPC Falcon, where the dish is like an inch or so big....it is kinda funny seeing such a huge difference.

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