47" TOS Enterprise


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I started work on this last year, in order to have a TOS Enterprise in scale with the 1/2 Studio Scale Refit and really let the blog go. I'm in the process of editing the whole thing and adding major updates, so I thought I would share this. I made one glaring mistake in this blog and later rectified that, I also need to more clearly explain a couple of things because I think I may have lost a few people in translation, trying clearly explain what I know into terms that clearly make sense, thus the edit. At any rate, have a look and tell me what you think.

KTM's Depot47 Ship Builder: Day 3 "Learn all that is learnable."
Looks good. You have alot of technical diagrams and details. good close-ups.

Thanks Saarno, there's a lot more coming. Funny thing is.... I tried to tell some folks that I had a degree in engineering and had worked in various studies within that field and for some reason they thought that I was being unture in my statements. There are definately some things within that blog that I need to make more clear, for those who have no background in the trades or discipline of engineering. I used to teach as well, but it's been a long time since I've had to teach at the eighth grade level and tried to make sense. LOL!
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