46 inch ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-A


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That kit is NICE

Unfortunately I can't afford an almost $2,000 kit though. So im super happy the Polar Lights is coming out with their large version soon. From what I understand, even thought its a bit smaller than deboer, its much more accurate in terms of details for only 40 bucks (preorder price at dollhousehobbies).
Im sure your client was happy to hear about this.

Tim what kind of paints are you planning on using for the aztecing? Paul olsen did a pretty informative write up on his site reguarding original model painting techniques. (near the bottom) http://www.olsenart.com/strek.html

I have done research and found that a company named metaflake who makes a specific brand of paint called "flip-flop" is the actual type of mother-of-pearl paint he is referring too in the article. Its hard to find info about, and will set you back about 130 for 4 color types. (btw is also not even shown well on the metaflake homepage, you have to call and inquire about it.)

There is a guy over at hobbytalk forums working on a deboer, here is a progess shot of his so far. Hes going with the original TMP refit color scheme.


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OK, now my mouth is watering! I can;t wait to get the PL kit as well. Would really like to have the DeBoer kit but it is outta my price range!

Very nice work!



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That is awsome, if I only had the money and the time!

Got an update from culttvman.com that the Polar Lights E has been pushed back until January 2005, I think the price tag is going to be in the $60 region. Rumor is that they're planning a large scale TOS E as well (but that's still from the rumor mill).

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I can't imagine Polar Lights making an Enterprise E in 1/350 scale...that would make it HUGE!!!It be in the vacinisty of 48" +.I think it be pushing it if they made an Excelsior,or Enterprise B.The thought is nice though.I'm terrible with scales...how big/long will the Ploar Lights re-fit Enterprise be,27-32"?I've noticed some slight indescrepencies with the Polar Lights "test/prototype' of the re-fit Enterprise.Hopefully they will catch&rectify it.I hope they make certain parts cast/injected in clear,or blue tinted for lighting purposes,like the engines,warp engines,deflector crystal,and navigatinal dish.


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The Polar Lights refit will be 34 inches long. Will also be the most accurate kit ever produced. Thomas Sasser is really putting his heart into this one.


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MMMMMMM! If only we had a Reliant this size as well! God! Can you imagine how huge Excelsior would be to scale with this Enterprise A? I thought my Lunar Models Excelsior was big.


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Sweet mother of f... Now that's pretty. I must've built three or four Enterprises when I was young. It was may favorite model to build, paint and detail.


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Not for nuthin' fellas but I thought I'd mention it,...
I actually spoke to Dennis Deboers today,(I don't think there is a nicer guy on the planet. Unassuming, friendly, like something outta the movie Fargo), and I was informed that the Refit Enterprise molds have been redone and he will be doing a limited number of kits in March.
$2,000 bones a piece but worth it IMO.
FYI for those who may be interested.


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Also in March,...twice as detailed as the refit, if you can fathom that,(I can't), and at about $2,100 range for the kit and about $45 shipping. That aint' chump change but I think this is definately a case of you get what you pay for.