44" Eagle adventure begins


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This year has been all about space 1999 models coming out,
I thought it was fitting to do a 44" Studio Scale Eagle,
With all the fun stuff that goes on it.
First thing is to get the head done! :cheers



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Yes! YES! YES! Looking forward to this one.

Your output of late has been nothing short of astounding, and I am down for one of these whenever that may be. :thumbsup


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Thank you my modeling constituents :) I hope I can do it justice.
I will have more updates soon.



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Ok, I got some more news on this 44" Eagle build.
It is moving along now with great speed.

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Eagle has to be my favourite, l love it with a passion and has seen them all, talked and worked & been taught from Martin J. Bower in the past, seen several exhibitions from being a kid, had several models, dinkys to a 22'' commission....anyone who can make a Eagle gets respect....BIG TIME!


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Are you still planning on making a kit out of this?

The reason I am asking is I read somewhere that you need to have a license to produce the 44 inch version. Any truth to those rumors?
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