44" eagle a thought *Pics*

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I was thinking once I complete this 44" eagle to sell it. All of the cages are metal and most parts came from either Chris trice or Smallartworks. Anyon have a guage as to what to charge? I think Jim Small gets around $6500 for his and I don't think all cages are metal. The wife saw this thing put together and asked where I was going to put it now you know the rest of the story...

Here are some progress photos from March I have progressed further since but my digi cam is dead right now so I am unable to take pics until my charger is sent back to me long story but someone else has it.

All cages are brass and I will be lighting the cockpit I'm trying to make this look more like a studio model and not a perfect miniature. Oh yeah until you see one of these in real life it's hard to imagine how huge this model is. I also have all of the aluminum bells I'll be using as well. Also had to adjust spring compression as well to get it to sink a little more.






Rogue Studios

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I just finished the welding of the front and rear cages those were the last of the major stuff I had to weld. I'll post what I have at this point when I get home tonight.



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I love that model.

I think you would regret selling it. Hang it over your bed.

I would like to buy it, but you would probably want too much.

I would rather build one. Are the parts still available?


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Even with the reduced weight of some of Jim's parts, you wouldn't find it hung over my bed, not without me wearing a crash helmet anyway. :)

Very nice job on the brasswork.

Unless you're very lucky you won't usually sell one for the same price as it would cost to get one purpose built but 4,500 for one with a brass frame is very reasonable. A good paint job is normally what sells these things.

You can find most of the components here:



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Awesome model Bro! Remember the whole "line" behind you going into this project? Big models "ROCK"! Hang onto her, you will regret getting rid of it down the road.

Rogue Studios

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Hey folks I really appreciate the positive remarks and I agree big models ROCK! But with the sale of this I plan on buying another to build anyway and the brass work is an awesome pain in the arse. Anyway I am going to post some pictures very soon of the completed model and if there are any interested parties please contact me I'm very negotiable on price.

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