42 years later, and it still holds up. ALIEN (1979)


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Wow. I watched this (again) on Sunday night, and I have to say, it is an absolutely fantastic movie. Even knowing how (just about) every effect was done, knowing what (some of) the props are, AND the fact it was done so long ago... This is an excellent movie.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here for the most part, but I really enjoyed it and felt the need to share that.

Getting on board for a Nostromo shirt, I guess prompted me to seek it out and watch it. (now I want the jacket too!)


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There are quite a few loose ends- areas where there could be further plot developments (such as the alien ship), but conversely, the character development is fantastic- yes it’s the skill of the actors, but the technicians, they are defined almost immediately. That whole “yep.” scene. Absolutely classic. (I work with these people!)


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I think the lighting is so important as well. A lot of older films look visually dated because of relatively crude lighting. Alien's complex and textured lighting isn't just a matter of sticking a big spot in the corner and blasting the whole set.

Except for the Christmas lights in the "muthur" brain room. Those blinkies are one letdown. :)


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let’s talk about the bonus situation… repeated that line with my brother so many times back then as kids whenever we needed to be on the same page (now I have to look up the actual lines), that we never talked about the rest of the movie. thanks for movie history, and the reminder there is great stuff out there if you take the time to look


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I think, like SW does, the bridging of the gap from reality to fantasy is key. By having the crew smoking (?!? Limited oxygen supply) and just having a worn, lived in appearance- it’s “comfortable”; a place you want to be.

You want to be at the table with the crew BS-ing and sharing a meal (until the chest burst of course).

It’s relatable. That I think makes it more believable.

There are good stories with horrible effects and great effects with horrible stories. When the two collide… magic.


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Yep, still holding up(y)(y):cool::cool: Many events were add-lib by the actors or Ridley setting gags without the cast to add to the effect of surprise/horror (burst scene);) The wear and tear of the costumes/sets/models/characters add to the "Real" of this movie.


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I recall an interview with the blond woman (I don't remember her name) where she said she wasn't warned about the blood spray of the chest burst and the surprise caught on camera is genuine. It's easier to act, when you're not acting!

I guess knowing what is going to translate well is the job of the director, no? Even if that person doesn't know exactly how to make it happen, he needs to know the importance of it.


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I was too young to see it in theaters, but saw it a lot on TV and video when I was a little older.
Got the chance to take my boys to see the 40th anniversary showing a couple years back on the big screen. That was soooo worth it.
I like how it starts slow and builds.
Just about the perfect movie IMO.


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I wasn't allowed to see it in the theater because it was rated R and I wasn't allowed to see R rated movies, but it was on HBO a few years later and myself, my best friend, and my sisters all watched it while our parents played pinochle downstairs. Scared the crap out of my sisters. We thought we were going to get in trouble because they kept screaming.


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I was 13 when it came out, my buddy and I lied to my mom and said his mom had seen it and said it wasn't very scary. So as my mom dropped us off at the theater, she gave a wave to the lady taking tickets and they let us in-- no problem (that's really all you had to do back then). That movie scared the holy crap outa me!! I watched half of it through my fingers.

In the 70s you had three things/categories/movies that created true terror:
1. The "God" scare that was The Exorcist
2. The "real world" scare that was JAWS
3. The "outer space" scare that was ALIEN

I probably have permanent psychological scars from all three.

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