40k The Tempest That Walks


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So after a couple of large builds, (A space marine and Lex Luthors exosuit), Ive decided to be a bit ambitious I'm going start building a 40 k character called Njal Stormcaller. specifically in his tactical dreadnought armour. I'm fine with the foam building and finishing I am however having trouble sourcing a suitable beard wig but as I'm taking around 2 years to build this I'm sure I can find something in that time. I'll just drop a little photo of the model with some of the art to go with it. updates will be slow at first as I have made some promises I must keep in the coming year but should pick up momentum after that.



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The earlier ones weren't ambitious then? :p

Did you have any photos of the lex luthor one? Saw you mention adding them in the other thread.

Looking forward to seeing this coming along. Still a while off I guess but did you have any plans to add any special effects? Off the top of my head I'm thinking lights or a smoke machine or something weather related. I'll be interested to see the work with the fur and the pelt.

The other option with 2 years is try and grow it yourself :lol Never tried growing a beard so no clue if that's a reasonable timescale to get what you're looking for.


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Im going for light up runes in the staff, considering doing it in the suit also. definitely going for sound probably in the form of a megastomp. if there is smoke it will only be from the head of the staff. maybe fit airflow from the wrists to "guide" the smoke.


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Well if its anything like that Luthors exosuit should be great maybe do a WIP while you build it,love to of seen more of the Luthors exosuit build...;)