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4 types of Harry Potter and Ron screen-accurate letters

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Hello there,
since all items are in hand and ready to ship, I'm duplicating the Harry Potter letters project run thread here for more visibility :)

Julie (Wonder Knight ) and I have been working on that run from November 2019 to november 2020, yes, a full year :) There has been a huge lot of research and pre-production to find the most accurate materials and make sure that we replicate those 4 letters as close as possible to what we see on screen and to the references we have from all the Propstore auctions.

Potter group 2.jpg

You can find the presentation WIP thread here for all 4 letters, don't hesitate to visit it, it has lots of photos of the creation of the objects and lots of explainations too:

4 types of screen accurate Harry Potter and Ron letters

Additionally, you can download a nicely formatted pdf, with a more compact explanation on all the work and research that was done for each letter normally attached at the end of the post.

important notes:
- For all sealed letters, each wax seal being handmade, their shapes will be unique and slightly different from what’s shown on the presentation photos. A photo composition showing 9 random seals will be included on each type of letter page on the website.

- Those are not idealized versions, we tried to be as screen-accurate as possible in our replicas, this means that some recognizable flaws from the originals are reproduced as well for an authentic look, for example, the burnt streaks in the wax seals, typos in the letters, or the small tear-offs on the back lower flap of Ron's envelope. Those are not "flaws" in our work, those are intentional and important details :)

You have the choice to buy each letter individually or any 4 or more letter with a 10% discount.
The price shown here is for the 4 letters with the 10% already discounted as an example.
I'll put the whole description, photos and explanation of the website in the next post to keep only the main photo displaying in the junkyard.


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