3rd suit build


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Got a derelict P1 that's had some repaired damage and a bit of a warp in it. Trying a bit of customizing on it before digging into, and using it to build suit 3. Going for beat up, scrapped together kind of look. Here's a base color test from earlier.

i always love to see different customs on the bio's... keeping my eye on this one.. looking different there brother ;)


Wow... I don't stop by in while and... BAM... every thing changes around here.

I like the way the blades look like they're welded to the bio. I don't 'feel' the wiring though. Maybe when I see it all together(or painted?). The hammered paint looks pretty good too.
Here it is with a bit of color on it. Not sure about it yet, there's stuff I like and stuff I'm not sold on yet (of course that is the point of experimenting).
color test.jpg
Had a photoshoot today. Amy Restucci caught a shot of Tim VanDenover in full suit with the Headsplitter Bio on. I like it a lot better (black mesh in eyes). Needs it's own matched suit/armor though.
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