3rd Season TNG Cobra Head Phaser FINISHED!

Mr. Nagata

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I finally finished this bad boy up. It's a hero Type II "Cobra Head" phaser from Star Trek: TNG. I wanted to make as accurate a version of the hero phaser as I could and I've never seen one made quite like this. This is a pretty rare cast of the third season body which was the only version of the cobra head to appear on screen that had electronics installed (to my knowledge anyway). It had to be hollowed out. It's not the HMS/Roddenberry kit, which is more based on the later season body.

The main difference is the emitter, which is larger on this version than on later season phasers (apparently it was shrunk down to fit better into the holsters). The features are also more rounded. It's painted with Krylon Bright Silver, not 7173, which was also consistent with the earlier phasers (again, from what I was told).

The electronics are from GMprops. This particular set used surface mount LEDs rather than traditional green rectangulars, so I made a faux panel made from the chopped-off tops of green LEDs and laid it over the top. Seems to work just fine. I also had to cut an access panel on the bottom, which is held on with magnets.




And here's a video of the features:

Star Trek: TNG Cobrahead Phaser - YouTube
Looks really great, and yes, that's a rare one. I call those the "fatties" as they appear to be holding some water weight or something. Excellent build up, and great pics. Please keep them comin'!
Not water weight, Matt. Electronics. Because this style body was the ONLY true hero prop.

(Sorry, had to brag. It's taken me years to get a third season phaser that was hollow for electronics).
Can anyone verify that that is indeed a screen-used piece? I spoke to one of the TNG guys at one of the SoCal prop parties and he couldn't remember for certain if they ever put lights in the later models. So I can't discount it. But I also can't remember a time when I ever saw the lights on the later models on screen. Again, I could be wrong.
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