3D printing MPC Millenium Falcon accurate sidewalls/parts for 5ft version

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by jlwshere, Jun 8, 2014.

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    Fine Molds, however expensive, nails the ESB falcon, but I have always been partial to the STAR WARS falcon. I have various accurization parts which improve the MPC model but are not really accurate. With all of the mapping of the 5 ft. parts, some great 3D renders of the falcon and the (relative) affordability of 3D printing, I am surprised that no one has gone to town in putting out the ultimate upgrade for the MPC kit; sidewalls, engine deck, maybe cockpit and tube.. Does anyone know if this is in the works?
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    I've started work on another upgrade kit for the MPC, not greeblie for greeblie accurate but the right height etc. I want to also include parts that will correct the curvature of the body and the cockpit window. I don't know if i will mold it to sell or just so that i can do a couple of builds for myself at some point. If any of the 3d gurus get it kit part for kit part accurate i would abandon the project of course....
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    Thanks Mike,

    I haven't checked your page recently, but sounds interesting. Hope someone takes up the greeblie task, or bigger (fewer) pieces that have the detail built in.
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    Hi guys.

    I've just entered this forum and I've seen your post.

    Well, I've started designing 3D parts for my MPC Falcon: cabin, cockpit, back wall, upper wall, gun wells, radar dish, quadlasers, boarding ramp... I've designed also the extra front landing gear bays and the landing gear, to convert my ANH Falcon to the ESB version.
    I've also designed the Falcon belly laser turret that appears on the Episode V, a feature that none of the kits on the market has.

    I've got everything printed and now I'm painting the 3D printed parts.

    And I'm planning to design also the two side docking cylinders, and maybe I will try to design the side walls -big, big job- with the correct height.

    I've lots of work by now... I will post some pics.

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