3d Printed War Machine Helmet


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Coofunkcurly and Finhead recently had a War Machine helmet printed up from the actual 3d files. The run was limited and I'm glad I got on it.

The detail is incredible, as well as the quality of the materials used. Magnets snap the faceplate, and neckpiece in place.

Both of these guys have come up with some really accurate, and amazing stuff lately. Rather than buying individual things on the junkyard, I recommend RPFers to just sign up to buy whatever these guys put out for life.

Some of the build progress can be shown here: http://www.therpf.com/f13/war-machine-3d-printed-movie-cgi-files-closed-111481/index3.html

With CGI being a norm with movies nowadays. Its great to see many members on the RPF starting to work with 3d printing, so we can have actual physical props where non may exist in the real world.

Okay -on with the pics. They may be one or two stops too dark. I thought that the subtle details in the paint weathering came through better that way.

I'm sure other people got this helmet. Feel free to post up pictures of your finished helmets here.








OOPS - I wasn't very clear - the war machine helmet was not only produced by coofunkcurly and finhead - but also FINISHED by them. All of the credit goes to them on the amazing paint job.
Again thanks for the nice comments Thomas, really glad your happy with it. And it was joint effort between the three of us (Kev, Bimmer and I) regardless of what Kev says. ;) lol
Yeah, I got one of those helmets. Still completely in awe over the quality of detail that came out in the printing.
This is so beautiful, i just don't know what to do with myself. I can only hope my paint will turn out half as well. I'm gonna have to get some tips from Finhead for sure.
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