3D Printed Mandalorian Blaster (and other weapons and helmets too!)


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This was something I printed during last year's lockdown but then shelved (as is the case with most of my 3D prints). It's Straeker's Ultimate Mandalorian blaster file available on Thingiverse. Only after seeing Chapter 5 of The Book of Boba Fett did I decide to finally finish this. The main blaster body was FDM printed with a higher infill to give it heft, and then sanded/primed/filled. The greeblies were resin printed. The grips were also FDM printed using wood PLA. Painted primarily using spray cans with graphite rub for the metallic finish. Weathered using Tamiya and Liquitex acrylics and Tamiya weathering powder. The gold actually doesn't look that bright in person and has been muted down with weathering powder. Considering the limited resources available to me and my limited skills when it comes to finishing and weathering, I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out.
Also finally finished my 3 helmets after working on them since the past year. I don't have an airbrush so Alumaluster or Alclad paints were out of the question, not that I could afford Alumaluster anyway. So I've been experimenting with different types of metallic spray paints, until I came across Joseph Silvagi's graphite method on YouTube. Not gonna lie... it's a lot of work to reach the endgame but it was worth it.

In case anyone's interested, the middle helmet was printed using 3D Print Armory's files while the other two were from Great Ape's.

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