3D Printed Life Size Eevee (Pokemon) W.I.P


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Hopefully I'm posting this in the right spot.. Sorry if it's not!

Just wanting to document my process in building this lifesize 3D printed model. It is intended to be a Birthday present for my girlfriend. Her birthday is in June so I have plenty of time to make it perfect. Her favorite pokemon is Eevee. So she's going to love it! Imagine going to the store and buying something like this.. Talk about $$$.. This is also my first "big" project with 3D printing.

First I found the 3D model (Thankfully)


Then I went on to slice it into parts that would fit on my print bed. (Albeit I sliced too much and had to merge most of them together to get better print time and use less plastic) And began the printing..

2/21/15 - First part printed. The left half of the head! Has some cracking and it warped a bit, but no big problem since I'll be finishing this up with bondo and making it all smooth.


2/21/15 (6PM) - Printed the rest of the ear because It would be quick and I would be home to supervise the print. Welded it on, along with fixing the last print because I dropped it and the base of the ear broke off. Oops. :facepalm


2/22/15 - Printed the top and bottom half of the tail and welded them together. Also printed out the right ear tip since there was room on the bed for it to fit.. (not pictured)


2/23/15 - Have 30 minutes left on the other half of the head.


with 3 hours left on the print for the Front legs I ran out of filament and it clogged up my nozzle.. I accidentally popped the print off the bed in my frustration..



I've unclogged the nozzle and am starting the print over again, But this time in black since I'm all out of that nasty olive color.. It didn't print very nice either.. I'm also running it at 200% speed as a test to see if It will still come out good at those speeds. Which would take a 7 hour print down to 3 hours.. I have also managed to weld the other half of the head and ear together..


Now we're all caught up.. I'll update as soon as I get some more done with it. :) Hope you enjoy it and appreciate any advice I can get!
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