Shortly after the airing of episode 3 I created a few arrowhead .stl files. Now, after watching the Hawkeye season finale I NEEDED to create some of those featured in that amazing sequence where Clint and Kate are creating new trick arrows. One of which is the new PYM particle arrow.
The rate at which I have added arrows to my arsenal I now find myself needing to construct a quiver to hold them:)

Here is the link to the .stl files: Hawkeye_Arrowheads_Series_Finale - Haas_of_Props.rar

Here is the building process video and some build pics.

Arrows 1.jpg

Arrows 2.jpg

Arrows 3.jpg

Arrows 4.jpg

Arrows 5.jpg

Arrows 6.jpg

Arrows 7.jpg

Arrows 8.jpg

Arrows 9.jpg
I'm glad you made the shrinking red Pym arrowhead. I was already gonna make the enlarging blue one from Odin Makes and now I can have a set! Thank you!
Thank you:) I'm glad I could help:) I saw the one Odin made; it was pretty cool! Let me know how yours turns out I would really like to see!!
hello i saw your very interesting video,
i loved your replicas very much.
if you're interested i have made other arrows that could expand your collection.


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