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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone could help me as this a 3D print question.

still fairly new to 3D printing but have managed to make accessory props for recent comic cons (harry potter wands, S.H.I.E.L.D Badge etc)

I'm wanting to do a kings guard armour from Game of Thrones however I'm not entirely sure how to make it.

Theoretically, would it be possible to make this as layers from my 3D printer?

I have an Anet A8

Many thanks

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I was recently looking for some STLs of Kingsguard armor and have not found anyone who has modeled it yet. There is a kingsguard helmet, but that is about it.


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So, you can make any armor you want on a 3D printer. You just have to realize you'll be printing it in pieces, hooking it all together one way or another, and doing a lot of sanding, finishing, and gap filling along all the spots where the different parts match up. The armor's I've seen available for 3D print the most are Iron Man, or things you can pull directly from 3D files (such as the Doom marine, and Star Wars characters).

To be honest though, I recall kings guard armor being fairly "normal" looking breast plates, with gauntlets and boots (along with chain mail, tabards, etc). you're probably going to have an easier time, and get a better result, using more traditional methods for making that type of armor (EVA foam, Warbla, paper patterns, etc).

3D printed armor can be really hard to get shaped right, and be really wasteful with material and time, because any issue you have with the armor will likely require a change to the 3D file, and a reprint; where if your foam or paper armor template doesn't fit quite right, you can literally just trim and add material, and reshape with heat, or taping more paper on.
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