Unlimited Run 3D Printed Biker Scout Blaster


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A couple years ago I designed a 3D printable model for the ROTJ Biker Scout blaster. It snaps together, is about 7.5 inches long, and can be used as is, or painted/sanded etc to make it smoother. The pieces come apart once assembled, to give some added play to the blaster if you want, or you can just assemble it and leave it that way. No glue is required, but you might want to add some anyway. Printed in PLA on the Tinkerine Studios DittoPro. They're available for $80 shipped USA. $90 elsewhere. paypal to payments@custom3dstuff.com

64289_10101056253915633_3877367708940172604_n.jpg 11406951_10101056253686093_6121027679315984869_n.jpg 11406861_10101056253995473_4087337629471040918_n.jpg 11401196_10101056254140183_1854957480697471424_n.jpg 11225219_10101056253561343_5731709972050333803_n.jpg 10521989_10101056253805853_8692048575880321218_n.jpg 10393698_10101056253511443_4792321775940680436_n.jpg 10313861_10101056253880703_6028585541646428857_n.jpg 1619260_10101056253456553_3307004735259497490_n.jpg 1506450_10101056253436593_3210551590377964257_n.jpg 11427208_10101056253755953_6734118945010314687_n.jpg
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