3D Printed Batarang/Dark Knight Bat Symbol


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I've been wanting to get a bat symbol to display infront of my Begins and Dark Knight cowls. My original idea was to put a decal or something along those lines with the name of the movie, Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, on the bat symbol signifying the cowls. I know that coofunkcurly made some great Begins batarangs, but since his have the screen accurate hump on the middle, i wasn't sure how the decal would look. I decided I'd try to make my own. Then, I noticed something when I was watching the Dark Knight on Tv, his rangs in that movie had no hump:

I decided if I was going to make the effort of making a flat bat symbol, I might as well make it the right size as the batarang.
I made a 3D model in Blender and got it printed.
Heres the printing:




Looking at it now and comparing it to the screen show, I've noticed my beveled edges are as beveled as they should be, but I'm alright with that.

Heres a quick mock up of what I had in mind in displaying it in front of a cowl (in this pic its just taped to a small piece of metal rod)



I was also thinking of making a larger one and get the movie titles recessed in the print it self, looking something like this:

Since I only have the 1 printing and have 2 cowls, I'm gonna need to make a cast. I've never done this before, but for a one piece mold like this it shouldn't be to bad. I was thinking of getting this Smooth On starter kit. I figure that should have a enough to make a couple.
Pourable Silicone Starter Kit: Smooth-On OOMOO® & Smooth-Cast® 300

Anyone have any experience using this? Good choice?
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Also, does anyone know the correct length for the larger batarangs?
I saw the Noble Collection one is 9". Is that accurate?


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Ok, cool. Thanks endoskeleton. :thumbsup
I saw 9" but wasn't sure if that was the entire case that the rang came in or just the rang. Looks like that was the case dimension.


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I've got some new models. I redid the smaller one to make the edges more prominent like the real ones.

I also tried adding the hump. The hump was actually pretty hard to get right. Its not perfectly smooth, but if I get it printed I would probably bondo and smooth it out in.

I've also adjusted them to the correct size of 7.5" long.
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