3D Modeling and printing help....


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May or may not be the right place but it seems like it is....

I am looking to get something created in a 3d program and printed and was looking to find someone to help do it since i have never done it and don't have the printing capabilities. its a small piece and i can send an image in vector format to show the size and design. I have attached an image of what i would make the vector design out of.


Any help will be great, even if it is to aim me in the right direction.


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Would it only be the area bounded by green? In which case I dont see a lot of raised detail etc which would warrant printing, but of course this can be exaggerated in the design so that it comes out nicely embossed with a print.

I suggest downloading 123d Design by Autodesk, a free design program. You can start messing around with that, and then export as stl to send someone to print - its quite a straightforward design program with lots of tutorials!

I'm based in the UK but would offer to print and send if you were here (cant tell where you're from on profile). I can always have a crack at designing it too to create the file for you, if you actually still want to print it.
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