3D modeled Low Altitude Death Star Tiles with Bandai slots


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I've been modeling these tiles for a while now, and thought I'd share some wip. I've basically divided the basic tiles by 4 and resized them to the same scale as the Bandai tiles. (3' x 3"), and added the slots and plugs for the vehicle models.
The tiles are based off reference photos from screen used ones using the SW Chronicles book, the Bandai tiles, internet photos, and some modifications of my own.
I've also modeled the bottom to be hollow, and added four hole markers on the sides ( for nut & bolt assembly ).
I currently have about four individual tiles, and may add more .
If they have any interest I might offer the .STL files here ; )

Here are some photos!



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The Bandai tiles are definitely undersized and I thin look better with 1/350 stuff

How large would these look with the 1/144 stuff


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Adding optional holes and plugs for the 1/72 & 1/144 Vehicles. The 1/144 line have no variety on diorama bases unlike the 1/72 line. So I thought this would be a nice option. These slots will fit any Bandai vehicle stand as long as the tiles are printed in 74.5mm x 74.5 mm (3"x3").


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