3D Glasses Kerfuffle


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Hello All;

I'm nearsighted & can't wear contacts.

I find wearing your typical 3D glasses over my standard prescription not only uncomfortable, but, most of the 3D effects are blurred.

Does anyone know of some sort of larger scale 3D goggle or something that I could get & bring with me to the movies?

Thank you;


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I have a similar, yet different question...

Are the glasses you get at a theater for a 3-D movie the same glasses you use for a home theater 3-D television/Bluray?

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TV 3D glasses are for specific brands (Sony. Samsung, Panasonic etc) and in some cases specific sets and cannot be interchanged.
They have a signal sent out to them to activate a shutter.

You can buy theater glasses so you don't have to used those supplied at the theater.
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