$35 airsoft Han Solo ESB blaster (another cheapo budget build)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by bigbisont, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. bigbisont

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    I am trying to diversify my movie weapon collection and it was crying for a Star Wars entry.

    So I knocked this little puppy out from a $10 spring-powered Mauser from the flea market, $15 worth of Marko resin bits (plus shipping), and some stuff I had laying around.


    Other side needs some work and it is begging for a paint/weather job. It also shoots like crap (curveball effect, as one might expect from a true POS gun). But hey, better than nothing, right?!
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  2. Mara Jade's Father

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    Besides weathering, you should add a few coats a paint over the plastic body to hide the fact that it is a plastic body. You should really fill in those screw holes too. It would really help the overall affect.
  3. RexKramer

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    After some filling (that barrel would be my first stop) , sanding and painting, that would look really nice!
  4. Gnar Gnar Jinn

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    Super clean after a few touch ups... for $35 thats wicked good!

    Also, forgive my ignorance, but where can i find said marko resin bits?

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