33" (1/350 SCALE) Polar Lights TOS Enterprise SPFX

Here is a recreation of a classic stock shot used on the Original Star Trek. The scene is a recreation of a clip that can be seen in the third season episode Day of the Dove. Both models were filmed in front of a blue screen. The Klingon Battlecruiser is the AMT kit. Great care was taken to light and film the models to reflect both scale and pay tribute to the original SPFX...NOT the remastered nonsense.

The lighting of the model itself is done in scale...You shouldn't have to wear welders goggles to view it, either in person or in film, an interesting and careful effect that eludes most builders.

One gains great appreciation for the original Effects masters as to how they did the effects. To get the correct shot and lighting took better part of a day and the editing of my video footage by Erich Linder, several days more.

The video is not a frame by frame reproduction, nor was it intended to be. I filmed it slightly different to avoid any confusion with the original clip.

The first video shows how it was all put together. The second video the full end result. Again, hopefully this is ok to post here as there are no Millennium Falcons or Stormtroopers any where to be found but it does show the most iconic spaceship in cinema history.

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Commander Max

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I'm really enjoying this, it's amazing what one can do with so little. That is in comparison to what it took to create the original effects.
What I'll say next isn't meant as slight at all, the crispness of it throws me off a bit. It looks too clear, I think that has to do with today's technology.

It's definitely better than the remastered cg TOS.


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Spectacular work!

My only criticism would be in the video where the enterprise is flying directly toward you (from the second post it looks a little wobbly in a few parts which breaks the illusion. But that is a minor nitpick

I could easily mistake that first one for clips from the original show