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Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by Junk Pilot, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Junk Pilot

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    I'm messing around with a Hasbro BMF with the plan of converting it into a near SS 32in bird. I've been gathering a lot of data of the last week or so but the measurement that is most elusive is the height of the sidewalls on 32in.

    As I don't have any studio scale parts used on the sidewalls (yet) I can't determine the height of them. Can someone assist with the sidewall height for either the 32in, the MR replica or their own 32in build?

    I have seen the old thread with the MR measurements but there is nothing for the sidewalls so a hint or a point in the right direction would be great. TIA
  2. astroboy

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    If I'v red correctly, the sidewalls were 1" because the whole thing was built on 1" pvc pipe.
  3. Scratchy

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    1" wall with a .040" top and .040" bottom sheet (sandwiching the 1" wall)
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    I hope Junk Pilot won't mind with another question to the experts. What is the white material that was used on the hull of the MR Falcon? It seems the greeblies are resin because of the yellow color of the material but the white material of the hull eludes me. Is it injected plastic? Its hard and cold to the touch and feels like porcelain.

  5. Junk Pilot

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    Does anyone make a set of guns for the 32in at all?

    My scratch building skills aren't that good at all and I'm just putting out feelers as I may be needing them for my BMF mod.
  6. Treadwell

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    Polystone, I think.

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