30 Years of Gremlins - Behind-the-Scenes Fan Book


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Hey all!
After over 3 years of working, my Gremlins fan-book is officially live! It's 250 pages of photos, facts, and anecdotes that tell the making-of story. It includes content from several original interviews I conducted with members of the cast and crew that provide some fascinating insights into the making of Gremlins. It is loaded with photos, and I mean LOADED! The entire book is available for free online reading.
Check it out here:
Gremlin in your House - Home

I hope you all enjoy it! Please feel free to share the link with anyone you think may be interested in reading it!
Happy Anniversary Gremlins!


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This is awesome. I had a chance last night to cruise through the book.

Lots of stuff I never expected to see. Learn quite a bit about a movie I thought I already knew a lot on.

Nice job on this. It would be nice to see this published. I'd buy a copy for sure.


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I know I'm late to the game but Ive been looking for a book like this for quite a while. First the awesome Jaws 2 making of book now this! I sure hope you can get it published some day. There are a lot of fans, like me, who may not know about this great book. Really good job, very comprehensive.

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I just saw this too. Amazing job. I really hope it gets published one day too so I can add it to my other favorite "Making of" books on my shelf.


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You have no idea how happy you just made me! Been hoping for a book like this ever since I was 8 years old. Love all the behind the scenes photos. Just flipt through it, for sure I'll be reading the complete book. Thank you so much for putting this together.