24: landline phones with Counter Terrorist Unit ringers

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by E Williams, Jun 16, 2006.

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    Hey everyone,

    So I'm looking for a new landline phone for my office... I figured it would be pretty cool to have one with the familiar CTU ring that has been on all 5 seasons of 24... Here's the sound I mean:


    Does anyone know what brands/models of phones come with that sound built in? I remember a 6 year old IBM corded phone with the sound, but don't know of any cordless versions...

    Features aren't really that important other than I'd like it to be cordless. The phone won't be used a whole lot so it doesn't need to be top of the line... The cheaper the better actually.

    I'm sure the sounds on the show are added in post production, but it would be cool to know what models of phone the actors use... Anyone recognize the phone models on the show? The videophone from season 4 is the Motorola Ojo, but I don't know any of the others...

  2. TFrosst

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    It was in a previous thread about 24 props. Do a search and you'll find it. Can't remember exactly but I believe it was a Cisco systems phone. I think they retail for something like $500 or $700
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    i got the ring tone on my mobile, love it
  4. Tosprops

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    They are Cisco IP phones. You can get the phone but without the call manager and VG200 gateway it wouldn't work. You could probably get the call manager and gateway with the phone for about $15k and then you would have to buy installation services and have a switched Ethernet network infrastructure to run it on.
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    if it's just the ringtone you're after more than the physical phone i believe you can get house phones now, that let you choose your own ringtone (much like mobiles have for ages)

    that could work
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    Probably doesn't help you in the US but over here in the UK my sister bought a new set of cordless DECT phones for her house and they came with the ability to program them with different sounds and ringtones, haven't had chance to check what file formats are supported but I doubt it will be long before we see house phones capable of playing MP3 or similar variant ringtones.
  7. hunky_artist

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    actually I'm looking out for a new phone or two for the house soon, and I'm in the UK i might have to look out for those... I have different ring tones on my mobile so i know who's calling withut looking at it (family.. friends... or partner)

    would be cool to have that feature on the house one too.... and super duper cool to have the 24 ring somewhere too
  8. Eyes Only

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    I found an MP3 of the ringtone cut it down and put it on my Razor phone. Then I sent it to a few people. :)
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