"24" CTU audio prop - Cell Phone Ringtone

Brent M

Sr Member
I've got the mp3 as the primary ringtone on my Sprint PCS phone. It rang the other day and one of my buddies said "what the hell, is that CTU calling"? :D


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Did your razr come with a usb cable? That would be one way to do it. You would have to use a program like p2k to add a file into your sounds folder in your phone. Or maybe a bluetooth adapter but I've never tried it that way.


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I just ported the mp3 to my Razer, thanks.

I used a Bluetooth file transfer program that's part of OS X to move it into the phone.

Jack Bauer

Well-Known Member
The way I got "24" ringtones onto my Motorola Razor was to go online with the phone, key in the web address of the MP3, and my phone automaticaly downloaded it. Not sure how other phones do it, but you might want to try that.
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