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I made a post earlier, but I don't think I actually posted it. I am a noob at foruming, so please excuse me if I fail at something. I don't want this post to be too long, so , I am new to the RPF, and I am currently making Excalibur from Sword Art Online. Here is a link to the picture: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net...caliber.png/revision/latest?cb=20121216231658

So, if any body will read this, I kind of need advice.
I'm making the sword by cutting the shape out of Balsa, then glueing them together, then filing down. After, I will make the edges and file the blade to a bevel, then priming. After the priming, I'll use Krylon 18KT gold spray paint. I'm not sure to seal the paint, because this is my first time using spray paint on wood.

Anways, just list some products like a strong sealer , or something like that.
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Welcome to the RPF.

In answer to your questions... Balsa is a good, light wood that is easy to work with. The downside to balsa is it is so delicate that you can crush it with very little effort. If you still want to go ahead with it, first want to find an auto body primer referred to as Filler Primer. You will find it at any good auto parts store in the paint section.

This will be to fill in the grain of the balsa. It won't look great, unless you spray it a dozen times (possibly more)

krylon will work fine, and to seal it, you will want a satin finish clear coat sealer.

good luck.
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