22 Inch Enterprise Finished.


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I finally finished my 22 Ent build after quite a bit of trouble with it and a lot of frustration to boot. I had thought at one point that I had lost the whole thing, but was able to salvage it. I’ll spare you the horrid details.
I started out using Tamiya paints and run out of what I had due to the shortage then switched to Vallejo. In the pics its hard to see the true color of the model. It was a combination of white, light grey with a few drops of blue added.
The concentric lines were scribed in and the grid lines are penciled in. The decals are JT Graphics and the aftermarket parts are from Don’s Light and Magic. They are salvaged from a pervious build that I wasn’t happy with. The inner parts of the nacelle are styrene strips and some photo-etched parts I bought at the LHS that I cut to fit inside. The bussard domes are clear Tamiya orange and red with a drop or two of straight red added to give it a little more substance. There is a small resin dome inside painted silver with white strips; I think the effect turned out well. The “rings” behind the bussard domes are nylon washers from the hardware store beveled by putting them on my Dremel and using a file, and quite the stink they put off in the process. The Deflector Dish I bought from Federation Models about 8-9 years ago, I think it looks real sharp too. I am not happy with the hanger doors I know it looks lame and there’s no observation thingy either, next time I’ll do better. I know it far from accurate and there are plenty of mistakes if you look close enough, but I am happy with it.

Thanks for looking.


Some progress pics:


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That turned out really nice! I especially like what you did with the PE on the nacelles.
At the risk of being called a rivet counter, which I am not, my only criticism involves the green and red lights on the saucer.
The green light should be on the starboard side and the red should be to port which is reversed from what I see in your photos. Also, the lights on the underside are white.
If these are painted lights, these would be easy corrections to make if you are striving for accuracy which I think you are from all the work you've put into this.
Regardless, I think what you've done with this kit is remarkable.


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I hope I didn't come across as overly critical or picky Constantine.

No not at all, this is why we post, to learn. They are actually straight pins, so I should be able to swap them out and switch them. Didn't even realize I did that. :$

Wow I even got a "shinny" I luv that expression and show.

Thanks again guys and have a good one!
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