20h Iron Man build for a party.


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I thought I should introduce myself, I´ve been oogling this forums for quite some time in silence =)

And the first thing I would like to do is excuse my bad english, I´m from Sweden so if I do offend someone inexorably I blame my english teacher, and apologize in advance..

Im just gonna share som pictures from a Party I got invited to last spring, I got the invite about two days in advance and it was pre-decided on the invite whom you should dress up like!

I got Iron Man..

The whole costum is made up out of materials and things I found in my garage and basement, and the result is therefore accordingly.

I have not estimated what the costumes cost was, because I broke a lot of expensive things to get the parts I needed...

Below, a grouppic from the party, and as I said everyone got a chosen costume to make, with just a few days notice!


And here is my feeble attempt that I estimate took 20 hours to make.
Not to be compared in anyway to all the fantastic Iron Mens elsewere on this site =P


Anyway.. Hi everybody! =)
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